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Share Extra Food With Neighbors

XtraFoodClub is the leading location-based, peer-to-peer mobile marketplace platform to buy, sell, and share extra food and drinks with nearby residents. We are community-minded and environmentally conscious. Our objective is to help you reduce grocery bills and unnecessary waste.

Save your money. Save our Planet.

Download XtraFoodClub app, join the Club.

Got Extra Food? Get Extra Cash!

XtraFoodClub app is for everyone, especially those who want to save money, are environmentally conscious, or simply want to connect and share with their neighbours. Buy what you need from neighbours; offer to sell (or donate) if you bought or made more than you need.

Being a member of XtraFoodClub enables you to buy, sell, and save on food. By sharing and connecting with neighbours in a meaningful way, everyone wins. You save money and the environment! And because XtraFoodClub app is a location-based, mobile platform, it goes with you and connects you to other nearby members when you travel away from home.

Best Practices, FAQs and Terms of Service

XtraFoodClub is an innovative and unique mobile global marketplace platform to buy, sell and share food with other individuals and households. All Club members have a critical role to play in making the XtraFoodClub platform safe, respectful and successful. After all, it is designed for you and your neighbours to connect and share on a regular basis. Please review and adhere to Best Practices and Terms of Service.

About Us

XtraFoodClub is the leading location-based mobile marketplace platform that enables neighbors to connect, share, trade, buy and sell extra food and beverages. Our objectives are to help reduce grocery bills, unnecessary waste, and bring neighbors together. Save your money; Save our environment.

XtraFoodClub is a technology company. Products offered on the app are owned, controlled, and priced by the sellers. The XtraFoodClub platform is membership-based. Annual membership is currently just $5. And because sharing is caring, we donate 10% of the net membership proceeds to local food banks.

Join us today, tell everyone about this exciting app, and help make XtraFoodClub the best and largest food network in the world.


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