Best Practices

All members have a critical role to play in making the XtraFoodClub platform safe, respectful and successful. After all, it is designed for you and your neighbours to connect on a regular basis. Please read and adhere to the following best practices.

  1. Only legal food and beverages of good quality can be sold or donated on this platform. Expired or otherwise spoiled products are strictly prohibited.
  2. Sell or donate only food and drinks that you and your family would buy and consume.
  3. Keep it fresh. The best time to share or sell food is right after you have bought or made it. Proper storage and handling must always be followed.
  4. Respect the privacy and wishes of your fellow Club members.
  5. Ensure you are dealing with a current Club member.
  6. Buyers and sellers can chat and negotiate using the app but the seller ultimately determines the price. It is important to clarify and agree on the price, payment mechanism and other key elements upfront to avoid disappointment or misunderstanding.
  7. The seller sets the price. However, we recommend a low price that is compelling and competitive. When setting the price, please be mindful of those members who may be less fortunate or have a more immediate need. Flexibility (i.e. willingness to negotiate or trade, for instance) is also encouraged.
  8. When buying food or drinks, check the expiry date, if applicable, and ask questions about the product (ingredients, etc).
  9. When selling or donating food or drinks, provide or disclose any relevant information you may have. Be mindful of any concerns the buyer may have. It is recommended that sellers retain and share original receipts, if possible.
  10. Before you travel, check the fridge and pantry. Offer to sell or donate good quality food and drinks well before the expiry date.
  11. No inappropriate conduct or behaviour is allowed on the XtraFoodClub platform. Any improper activity can result in suspension or even a permanent ban. We expect and encourage everyone to be a great community member.