Q. What is XtraFoodClub and how does it work?

A. XtraFoodClub is a location-based, peer-to-peer mobile marketplace platform that enables neighbors to connect, share, trade, buy and sell food and beverages. We are a community- minded and environmentally-conscious social network. Our objectives are to reduce grocery bills and unnecessary waste.

Q. Is XtraFoodClub a grocery store?

A. No, XtraFoodClub is a technology company. Products offered on the app are owned, controlled, and priced independently by the sellers.

Q. Who can be a member of the XtraFoodClub platform?

A. XtraFoodClub is for everyone, especially those who want to save money, are environmentally conscious, or simply want to connect and share with their neighbours. Buy what you need from the neighbours; offer to sell or donate what you don’t. The XtraFoodClub app is ideal for most people and in numerous situations.

Q. If I purchase large quantities from stores such as Costco and Walmart, can I sell single items or a small quantity from those large packages?

A. Yes, you can buy food and beverages in bulk and sell individual items on the app to subsidize your purchases.

Q. What is the “Chef” category/icon on the app?

A. The Chef category is a ghost kitchen concept. If you enjoy cooking or baking for others on a regular basis, and are good at it, you may post your offerings in the Chef category. It is the perfect way to monetize your skills and offset your costs. If you enjoy homemade food, you may find a great cook/baker in the neighbourhood on the app.

Q. How much should I charge for the food/drinks?

A. It is completely up to the seller to determine the prices or whether to sell at all (of course, you can always donate it). Prices can vary widely based on location, quantity, quality, and type of food/drink. It may also depend on your options – if you are planning to travel and need to sell perishable goods before they expire, for instance, you may want to offer them at a very low price.

Q. How long do the offers remain available?

A. Offers remain on the platform until the seller removes or cancels the offer. Items may also be removed automatically after one week. If your item is removed by the system after a period of time, you may re-post it but only if it remains in excellent condition.

Q. How much does it cost to be XtraFoodClub member?

A. An annual XtraFoodClub membership is currently just $5. The small annual subscription helps maintain this unique and innovative marketplace platform. And because sharing is caring, we donate 10% of the net membership proceeds to local food banks. The membership fee is non-refundable. Download the app and join us today. Encourage everyone to become a member and help make XtraFoodClub the best and biggest food network in the world.